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27 Jun 2016

Enterovirus A71: Catalonia, Spain

An outbreak of enterovirus A71 (EV-A71) in children, with associated neurological symptoms, has been reported in Catalonia, Spain

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23 Jun 2016

Country information pages update completed

Changes made after reviewing the updated list of country yellow fever certificate requirements 2016 from WHO

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17 Jun 2016

Euro 2016 is here!

NaTHNaC supports England, Wales, and Northern Ireland ... and everyone enjoying travel!

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10 Jun 2016

Update to advice on the prevention of sexual transmission of Zika virus

Male travellers with no Zika symptoms now advised to use condoms for 8 weeks following travel to an area with active Zika virus transmission to prevent sexual transmission

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10 Jun 2016

Zika virus – update and advice for travellers including pregnant women and those planning pregnancy

It is recommended that pregnant women planning to travel, postpone non-essential travel to areas with active ZIKV transmission until after pregnancy

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01 Jun 2016

New antimalarial recommendation maps available for Kenya and Pakistan

Antimalarial recommendation maps are now available on our Country Information pages for Kenya and Pakistan

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