06 Oct 2016

Conditions of Designation and Code of Practice for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVC) - 2016

The Conditions of Designation and Code of Practice for YFVC have been reviewed, revised and re-formatted Conditions of Designation and Code of Practice for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVC) - 2016

Revised editions (2016) of the Conditions of Designation and Code of Practice for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVCs) are now published. The 2016 editions will apply to both new applications for designation and to existing YFVCs and we encourage you to read both documents carefully.

Many of the amendments and additions to these documents have been made in response to queries and suggestions from existing YFVCs; we hope YFVCs will find the revised editions both comprehensive and user friendly.

Amendments and additions to the Conditions of Designation include:

  • Additional detail required relating to the professional status of the Responsible Supervising Clinician at the YFVC
  • Additional detail required relating to Care Quality Commission registration and inspection rating (where appropriate).
  • Expanded descriptions of roles and responsibilities of health professionals and key staff working at a YFVC
  • Updated requirements regarding record keeping, audit and medicines management

The Code of Practice (2016) reflects the new edition of the Conditions of Designation.

Existing YFVCs

You will have already agreed to abide with the previous versions of the Conditions and Code; it is not necessary to sign the revised Code, unless you are renewing your registration. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you agree with the revised editions.

We are happy to advise regarding any concerns you may have regarding amendments within these documents and your existing designated status. Please address your query to nathnac@uclh.nhs.uk, with the subject header Conditions of Designation and Code of Practice.

New applications for YFVC designation

Please consider the Conditions of Designation and Code of Practice (2016) carefully; you are required to agree to the Conditions of Designation and the Code of Practice as part of the registration process.

Under International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005), yellow fever (YF) vaccine can only be administered at centres designated by the health administration for the territory in which it is situated. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI), NaTHNaC is responsible (on behalf of the Department of Health and the public health authorities of EWNI) for the designation and administration of Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres. 

All YFVC in EWNI must meet the Conditions of Designation required by NaTHNaC and adhere to a Code of Practice.


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