24 Sep 2018

Rabies vaccine availability

Information for health professionals Read more

20 Sep 2018

Changes to the Country Information pages: Tuberculosis

NaTHNaC has reviewed and updated the tuberculosis (TB) country specific information in order to provide up-to-date recommendations for travellers and travel health professionals Read more

13 Sep 2018

Monkeypox cases in UK (ex Nigeria)

Two cases of monkeypox have been diagnosed in England Read more

10 Sep 2018

Extensively drug-resistant typhoid fever in Pakistan

An outbreak of extensively drug-resistant (XDR) typhoid fever has been reported in Pakistan Read more

03 Sep 2018

Polio: Public Health Emergency of International Concern

An update on the polio Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) Read more

30 Aug 2018

Change to yellow fever vaccination certificate requirement for French Guiana

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is now required for all travellers aged 1 year or over going to French Guiana Read more

29 Aug 2018

South Africa – Malaria: updated risk areas and advice

The risk areas for malaria transmission in South Africa have been reviewed by the South African authorities resulting in changes to guidance for UK travellers Read more

Outbreak Surveillance

25 Sep 2018 Kenya

A new case of cholera was reported from the Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana County, on 8 September 2018. This case was discharged on 13 September 2018 and notified five days after the Ministry of Health declared the end of the latest cholera outbreak (on 3 September 2018). The last case in Turkana County was reported on 9 July 2018.


Food and water-borne

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25 Sep 2018 Niger

Since 5 July 2018 to 7 September 2018 a total of 3403 suspected cholera cases, including 67 deaths have been reported. Five new health districts, Keita, Madawa Dakoro, Mirriah and Aguie, have reported new cases recently. Madanroufa district remains the most affected district, accounting for 75% (2545) of the reported cases.


Food and water-borne

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24 Sep 2018 Thailand

As of 13 September 2018, 69 provinces in Thailand reported a total of 1822 cases of leptospirosis following recent flooding. Most of the cases (48%) were reported in agricultural workers.


Food and water-borne

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21 Sep 2018 Democratic Republic of the Congo

As of 18 September 2018, a total of 142 cases, including 97 deaths have been reported. Of the 142 cases, 111 are confirmed and 31 remain probable. An additional seven suspected cases are being investigated. Seven health zones in North Kivu Province and one neighbouring health zone in Ituri Province have reported confirmed or probable cases. Nineteen health care workers have been affected, with three deaths.


Haemorrhagic fever

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18 Sep 2018 Zimbabwe

On 6 September 2018, a cholera outbreak was declared in Harare by the Ministry of Health of Zimbabwe. As of 14 September 2018, an estimated 3349 suspected cases were reported with 71 confirmed cases inluding 32 deaths.


Food and water-borne

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