Webinars, online guides and E-learning

A collection of useful webinars and online guides on travel health topics for health professionals Webinars, online guides and E-learning

Nuggets of Knowledge- Hepatitis A vaccine

A helpful and practical guide to hepatitis A vaccination covering many frequently asked questions on this topic.

Risk assessment in the travel health consultation: an introduction

A short elearning module designed for health professionals who are new to undertaking risk assessment in the travel health consultation. During this interactive learning experience, the health professional is guided through a number of different scenarios in which the variables of individual travellers and their itinerary are considered. The use of a real-time UK based travel health resource, TravelHealthPro is encouraged throughout.

NaTHNaC online guides and webinars

A series of online guides and webinars from NaTHNaC aimed at helping the health professional in practice.

Getting to grips with the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis for yellow fever

A practical guide for health professionals in designated yellow fever vaccination centres (YFVC): please use in conjunction with the Yellow Fever Zone website.

Getting to grips with tick-borne encephalitis

A practical guide for health professionals: please use in conjunction with the TravelHealthPro website.

Getting to grips with dilemmas in practice

NaTHNaC introduced live webinars in 2018 to discuss the dilemmas posed by some common clinical queries to the NaTHNaC Health Professional Advice Line.

Next webinar: TBC

Future webinar topics will be announced here when dates are confirmed.

Previous webinars

  • Breast feeding mum travelling with a 4 month old
  • Pregnant traveller to Brazil with her partner
  • Traveller with polymyalgia travelling to Suriname and onwards to Guyana
  • Yellow fever vaccination and a traveller to Rwanda

Learning outcomes

  • Know the detailed information that you need to gather during the consultation to inform your risk assessment.
  • Be able to locate resources and use them appropriately to support your risk assessment.
  • Be able to identify and discuss the issues involved with your traveller to enable them to make an informed choice and decide how they wish to manage the risks identified.

Webinar hosts

Lisa Ford (NaTHNaC Clinical Advisor) and Hilary Simons (NaTHNaC Senior Nurse)


30 minutes (13.30-14.00)

IT System Requirements

NaTHNaC webinars are delivered using the web-based software, Zoom webinar. It is possible to attend from laptop or desktop computer running (Mac or PC), Android or iOS tablet or smartphone, or Windows PRO 2 or 3.

Attendees will require wired or wireless internet connection (WiFi or 3G plus) and audio (soundcard if computer, plus speakers or headphones).

It is also possible to dial in and join the webinar by phone. However, you will not then be able to view the presentations or take part in any interactive sessions such as polling or posing questions to the panellists.

If your computer does not have a sound card, you can listen by phone using the phone login details provided in your registration confirmation and whilst viewing the webinar on your computer.

Please note: as a webinar attendee, you cannot be heard or seen (if you have a webcam). You are able to ask questions to the hosts using the Q&A function if joining via your computer. See your controls whilst in the webinar.

Detailed information about the systems required to run Zoom can be found here.

Navigating TravelHealthPro

Video guides are available here to help you find quick routes around the TravelHealthPro website and get the most out of all the website features.

If you are new to the website or wanting to make sure you are using all the available resources, we hope these will be invaluable tools to assist you. To access these guides, click on the website section guides on this page.

First Published :   24 Oct 2017
Last Updated :   15 Jul 2021

Educational events

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Yellow fever pre-vaccination checklist

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Risk assessment / Risk management checklist

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COVID-19: Travel risk assessment

Factors health professionals should consider when advising those who are planning international travel during the COVID-19 pandemic Read more

COVID-19: Testing and demonstrating status for international travel

Information on testing, including testing following recent COVID-19 infection and demonstrating COVID-19 status Read more
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