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Preparing for healthy travel

Travel Insurance

23 Mar 2020

Travellers must declare medical conditions when taking out travel insurance to ensure they are suitably covered Read more

Clinic resources

COVID-19: resources

20 Mar 2020

Current coronavirus advice from NaTHNaC, PHE and FCO, with links to international information sources Read more

Special risk travel/traveller


13 Mar 2020

Good preparation helps travellers planning a cruise have a safe and healthy trip Read more

Infectious diseases


02 Mar 2020

Rabies occurs in warm-blooded mammals and is transmitted to humans, most often by a bite or scratch from an infected animal, usually a dog Read more

Infectious diseases

Yellow fever

14 Jan 2020

Yellow fever is caused by a virus, which circulates between infected monkeys or humans and mosquitoes and occurs in parts of the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa and South/Central America (including Trinidad) Read more

Special risk travel/traveller

Asplenia and hyposplenia

13 Jan 2020

Travellers with an absent spleen (asplenia) or poorly functioning spleen (hyposplenia) Read more