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Preparing for healthy travel

Food and water hygiene

04 Jan 2018

Advice on avoiding food and water-borne diseases Read more

Infectious diseases

West Nile virus

27 Dec 2017

Transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, the virus is present on every continent except Antarctica Read more

Infectious diseases


20 Dec 2017

Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal disease usually associated with poverty, poor sanitation and poor access to clean drinking water Read more

Infectious diseases


18 Dec 2017

Dengue is an infection caused by the dengue virus of which there are four different subtypes. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes
Read more

Clinic resources

Educational events

15 Dec 2017

A list of courses, conferences and study days of relevance to UK health professionals working, or wishing to work, in the field of travel medicine Read more

Clinic resources

Zika - Risk Assessment

01 Dec 2017

Factors health professionals should consider when advising those travelling to Zika virus affected areas Read more