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Special risk travel/traveller

Hajj and Umrah

03 Jul 2019

The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia issue their requirements and recommendations for Hajj and Umrah annually Read more

Clinic resources

Educational events

02 Jul 2019

A list of courses, conferences and study days of relevance to UK health professionals working, or wishing to work, in the field of travel medicine Read more

Preparing for healthy travel

Summer travel

19 Jun 2019

Heading off for a summer break? Check out our guide to staying safe and healthy abroad Read more

Infectious diseases


25 Mar 2019

Rabies occurs in warm-blooded mammals and is transmitted to humans, most often by a bite or scratch from an infected animal, usually a dog Read more

Infectious diseases

Travellers’ diarrhoea

11 Mar 2019

Following advice on food and water hygiene is sensible, but travellers should always be prepared to manage the symptoms of TD during their travels Read more

Clinic resources

Zika - Risk Assessment

27 Feb 2019

Factors health professionals should consider when advising those travelling to Zika virus affected areas Read more