20 Aug 2019

Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Democratic Republic of Congo and update to Uganda

The Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak continues in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); the outbreak in Uganda is contained Read more

15 Aug 2019

Summer Travel 2019: food, water and hygiene reminder

A reminder about the importance of good food, water and personal hygiene during summer travel Read more

14 Aug 2019

Benin: updated recommendations for polio vaccination

Circulating vaccine derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) has been confirmed Read more

14 Aug 2019

Dengue reminder for travellers

A reminder for travellers of the risk of dengue Read more

29 Jul 2019

Myanmar: New outbreak of circulating vaccine derived poliovirus (cVDPV)

Circulating vaccine derived poliovirus type 1 (cVDPV1) has been detected in Kayin Province, Myanmar Read more

22 May 2019

Measles reminder

All travellers are advised to be up to date with measles vaccination Read more

25 Jul 2019

Heatwave alert for mainland Europe

Hot weather advice for travellers to mainland European countries Read more

23 Jul 2019

E.coli advice for travellers to Egypt

Public Health England has issued advice to people travelling to Egypt Read more

22 Jul 2019

DRC: Ebola outbreak declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

The meeting of the Emergency Committee convened by the WHO Director General under International Health Regulations took place on Wednesday 17 July 2019 Read more

22 Jul 2019

Ghana: updated recommendations for polio vaccination

Circulating vaccine derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV) has been detected in an environmental sample during routine surveillance Read more

Outbreak Surveillance

23 Aug 2019 View Regions + Ituri
North Kivu
South Kivu

As of 20 August 2019, a total of 2927 EVD cases were reported, including 2822 confirmed and 105 probable cases, of which 1961 cases died. In Mwenga Health Zone, South Kivu, a fourth case was confirmed.


Haemorrhagic fever

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23 Aug 2019 Myanmar (Burma)

As of 19 August 2019, four cases of cVDPV1 have been reported in Myanmar since 23 June 2019. The latest case is a six year old with onset of paralysis on 23 July 2019, without a history of vaccination with OPV.



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22 Aug 2019 Uganda

On 24th July 2019, Uganda marked the end of 42 days since the death of the Ebola virus disease patient in Kasese district. On 8 August 2019, the Ministry of Health confirmed that there were no cases of Ebola in the country. However, they remain on high alert due to a long and porous border with the neighbouring country, DRC, where the outbreak is ongoing.


Haemorrhagic fever

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21 Aug 2019 Democratic Republic of the Congo

Since the beginning of 2019, a cumulative total of 3,015 monkeypox cases, including 64 deaths were reported from 111 health zones in 16 provinces.



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21 Aug 2019 Namibia

As of 11 August 2019, a total of 6,151 suspected hepatitis E cases have been reported, (1,390 confirmed, 3,966 epidemiologically linked and 795 suspected). The outbreak begun in December 2017 in Windhoek, Khomas region, and eventually spread to the other regions. Khomas region remains the most affected, with 63% of all reported cases, followed by Erongo at 23%.


Food and water-borne

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