03 Jul 2015

Travel to countries affected by Ebola

Travel to countries affected by Ebola: Public Health England Returning Workers Scheme as of 1 July 2015

Workers who are travelling to or from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and may be at risk of exposure to the Ebola virus such as health workers, scientists, business and voluntary sector workers, should register via their sending organisation or employer with Public Health England’s (PHE) Returning Workers Scheme.

PHE needs advance notification of travellers to the UK to be able to organise fast and efficient screening.  This is especially important for those who are likely to have direct contact with an Ebola infected person or contaminated bodily fluids (category 3 returnees) such as healthcare workers providing patient care, morgue workers and burial teams. This safety precaution is taken to protect individuals and their families, as well as the wider UK public.

Details requested include name, date of birth, passport numbers, personal contact details and flight information. Information is kept strictly confidential and can be conveyed by secure link. Workers and staff are requested to keep the Returning Workers scheme updated with any changes to their return travel times. Contact email: ReturningWorkersScheme@phe.gov.uk

PHE strongly advises that workers arrive back in the UK via London Heathrow, which is currently the airport with the largest screening facility. Individuals and groups returning from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone should also present themselves for temperature screening.

Further guidance for travellers going to and from affected countries can be found on PHE's website. Further information on the returning workers scheme is expected on the PHE website in the future.

Advice for travellers

Check the Foreign and Commonwealth website for the latest details on the geographical spread of the Ebola outbreak. Ensure your sending organisation has your up to date return travel details, and remind them to send that information to the Returning Workers Scheme.


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