10 Jun 2015

Yellow Fever certificate requirements

Updated yellow fever certificate requirements and recommendations
On 6 June 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated the list of yellow fever vaccine certificate requirements and recommendations.  This information is published with a revised summary list of countries with a risk of yellow fever (YF) and information on individual country statements on the validity of yellow fever vaccination certificates [1].

Updated: Risk areas and recommendation for vaccination

Risk areas have been revised for some countries.  Please refer to the WHO for specific information about countries with risk.

In particular:

Updated: Requirement for yellow fever certificates

Individual country requirements for an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP – Yellow Fever Certificate) are usually updated annually.

Revised requirements are provided by some countries for 2015; others remain unchanged and some countries have not made a statement on their requirement at this time.

Updated: Validity of yellow fever vaccine certificates

Individual countries may or may not have declared their position regarding validity of YF vaccine certificates.

  • NaTHNaC advises that where a YF certificate is issued for the first time, the period of validity should be written as 10 years.
  • NaTHNaC advises that where a YF certificate issued more than 10 years ago exists, no amendment should be made to the period of validity written in that certificate (10 years); it is presumed countries who state the validity of YF certificate to be ‘lifelong’, will accept certificates issued more than ten years ago.

NaTHNaC will update the Country Information pages, however, in the interim, health professionals undertaking a risk assessment for YF disease and when considering YF certificate requirements should refer to:

In addition, health professionals are encouraged to access the Outbreak Surveillance Database, where verified and unverified outbreaks of YF are posted.


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