10 Jul 2018

Rabies Green Book updated chapter

The rabies chapter in the Green Book (Immunisation against infectious disease) has been published Rabies Green Book updated chapter

Public Health England has published updated information and guidance on rabies in the Green Book (Immunisation against infectious disease: Rabies. Chapter 27).

This revised chapter includes:

  • details about the pre-exposure vaccine schedule of three doses given on days 0,7 and 28
  • an accelerated schedule of pre-exposure vaccine of Day 0, 3 and 7 with an additional dose at one year when there is insufficient time before travel to complete the 21-28 day course
  • an update of post-exposure treatment based on a detailed risk assessment of a potential exposure

For specific information for individual countries please go to our Country Information pages.

Health professionals can subscribe to PHE's Vaccine Update to keep in date with current UK vaccine recommendations.


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