06 Apr 2016

Updates to country yellow fever certificate requirements and certificate validity

The World Health Organization have published an updated summary of country yellow fever certificate requirements Updates to country yellow fever certificate requirements and certificate validity

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently published an updated version of ‘Annex 1’ of their publication International Travel and Health. Annex 1 provides a summary of the yellow fever certificate requirements for individual countries, and it includes details of country statements regarding period of validity for the yellow fever vaccination certificate. We have amended our Country Information pages to reflect these updates.

It is possible/likely that WHO will publish further details of individual country certificate requirements this year.  We will continue to look out for further information and will post news messages and updates as required.

Note that a number of additional countries are now accepting life-long validity for the yellow fever certificate.  However, some countries still require certificates issued within the last 10 years and some countries have not communicated their statement on certificate validity to the WHO.  In the latter countries, the yellow fever certificate is assumed to be valid for 10 years until further notice.

Currently all yellow fever certificates should be issued with a 10 year expiry date despite the destination of the traveller. Further instructions are expected to be issued on this later in the year.


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