12 Feb 2016

Fake yellow fever vaccine circulating in South East Asia: Bangladesh

World Health Organization report falsified AMARIL yellow fever vaccines circulating in Bangladesh

On the 9 February 2016, the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, Senegal, informed the World Health Organization (WHO) that they had identified a falsified version of AMARIL yellow fever (YF) vaccine circulating in Bangladesh. Genuine AMARIL vaccines and solvents are manufactured by the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, Senegal.

There are a number of falsified elements on the packaging, as well as other inconsistencies that were identified through visual inspection of photographs of the falsified products.  Laboratory analysis is pending.

There have been no reports of serious adverse reactions attributed to this falsified vaccine at this stage. Further details available on the WHO alert.

Advice for travellers

AMARIL branded vaccines are not imported in to the UK.

No serious adverse events had been reported following vaccination with this falsified product.  However, if you think you may have been vaccinated with this falsified product in Bangladesh, you should seek advice from a health care professional.

Yellow fever disease is not present in Asia; vaccination is only indicated for those travelling to affected areas in Africa and Central / South America (maps from US CDC, Traveller Health Branch). If you need to obtain vaccines or other medicines while you are travelling, you should be aware that counterfeit medicines are more common in some areas of the world, see our factsheet on medicines abroad for further details.

Advice for health professionals

Health professionals should contact the National Travel Health Network and Centre for advice regarding individual queries relating to this product alert.


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