17 Jan 2020

Malaria recommendation updates

The malaria recommendations for some countries have been updated Malaria recommendation updates

Public Health England’s Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention (ACMP) has agreed some interim updates to malaria recommendations prior to the publication of the 2020 guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK.

The following country pages have been updated on TravelHealthPro:

  • South Africa – wording has been updated to clarify the recommendations during June, July and August (very low risk).
  • Venezuela – antimalarial tablets are now recommended for all areas of this country except the city of Caracas and Margarita island.
  • East Timor – now low risk, awareness of risk and bite avoidance recommended.
  • Cape Verde – special wording regarding an outbreak in the city of Praia (Sao Tiago island) Sept 2017 has been removed.
  • Namibia – wording has been updated to show antimalarials recommended throughout the year in the Caprivi Strip, Kavango and Kunene river regions. Elsewhere the risk is very low, awareness and bite avoidance recommended.

Note these country updates will not be visible in the current ACMP malaria prevention guidelines which were last updated Sept 2019 [1]. Travellers and health professionals should check the Country Information pages on TravelHealthPro to ensure they obtain up to date advice and recommendations.

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