13 Aug 2020

New for August 2020 – updated and revised yellow fever training options

Yellow fever training for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVC) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been redeveloped New for August 2020 – updated and revised yellow fever training options

We are pleased to announce that we are about to launch a revised edition and format of yellow fever training.

The switch from the existing e-learning format to the revised edition is scheduled to take place week beginning 17 August 2020.

Health professionals representing new YFVC and those working in existing centres who are refreshing/updating their training, can access the new e-learning which covers 5 modules:

  • Introduction
  • Risk of transmission: epidemiology, clinical features and prevention
  • Requirements: is there a certificate requirement under International Health Regulations?
  • Recommendation for vaccination: Is the traveller a suitable candidate for vaccination?
  • Review: what are the options? clinical scenarios

The modules take approximately 90 minutes to complete and an online assessment, consisting of 16 multiple choice questions must be completed successfully. As with the previous version, a one-month timeframe from enrolment is given to complete the modules and pass the test.

Following completion health professionals who are representing new YFVC will be required (within 3 months) to attend a ‘virtual classroom’ (VC) workshop online as part of the designation process for the new centre. Those who are new to providing a yellow fever service (from existing centres) are also recommended to complete the e-learning with VC and those who are refreshing their training can choose to attend the VC workshop if they wish.

The VC offers the opportunity to discuss more complex or more unusual case studies and scenarios and will be up to two hours in length. The first VC workshop will be held on Zoom (password protected, and entry managed by NaTHNaC); we are currently exploring other online options such as MS teams for the future.

To find out more and purchase a new e-learning training option, access the NaTHNaC training portal and follow the log in and registration guidance. Revised YF e-learning options will be open on the training portal in the week beginning 17 August 2020.

Evidence of mandatory NaTHNaC yellow fever training is required every two years for continuous designated status of YFVCs in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The Conditions of Designation and Code of Practice for YFVC have also been revised and to reflect recent updates for yellow fever practice including training requirements. The revised Conditions and Code apply immediately to newly designated YFVC. Existing centres should ensure they are compliant with the Conditions of Designation at the time of their next centre designation renewal.


If you are currently in progress with the current (older version) e-learning course, we recommend that you complete the training and the test within that version before 12 midnight on the 16th August 2020. Alternatively, you will automatically be able to access the new modules and test with your usual log in details once the switch has taken place (if this is within your 28-day enrolment period).

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