03 Nov 2020

Good Practice Guidance document: a new resource for travel health practitioners

A Good Practice Guide for all those providing or planning to provide travel health services is published Good Practice Guidance document: a new resource for travel health practitioners

On Monday 26 October 2020, the Faculty of Travel Medicine, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG) published a new guidance document for use by the multidisciplinary team, Good Practice Guidance for Providing a Travel Health Service [1]. In addition to defining standards of care essential for the delivery of a travel medicine service, the guidance can be used to help healthcare professionals identify ideas for their professional development, or quality improvement in their travel medicine service.

Key content:

  1. Service delivery
  2. Operating/ Facility Requirements for a Travel Service
  3. Assurance and Governance of Travel Health Services
  4. Recommendations for the Practice of Travel Medicine

Other features:

  • Competency Assessment Tool for Travel Health Practitioners [downloadable as a separate item and can be edited by the practitioner]
  • Training requirements in travel medicine
  • Resources for practitioners
  • Patient leaflet [downloadable as a separate item]


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