27 Oct 2021

Winter travel 2021/2022

While the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, travellers also need to be aware of other potential risks during winter travel Winter travel 2021/2022

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a significant health risk globally, despite easing of some travel restrictions in several countries. Our COVID-19 general advice for travellers covers advice on pre travel preparation, reducing the risk during travel and preparation for returning to the UK. Remember that travel recommendations and requirements can change at short notice, check for updates regularly and be prepared to change plans at short notice.

There are other, non-COVID-19 related risks associated with winter travel to consider. Check the advice for your destination on our Country Information pages and see our general tips below.

Returning to the UK

Follow current United Kingdom (UK) Government rules when entering or returning to the UK.

If you develop fever, diarrhoea with blood or any other worrying symptoms such as confusion, severe abdominal pain, jaundice or skin rash following your trip, get urgent medical advice - remember to mention that you have recently travelled abroad.

If you are taking malaria tablets, remember to complete the course as recommended. Symptoms of malaria can appear up to a year after travel.


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