26 Nov 2015

Recurrence of Ebola Virus disease: Liberia

Ministry of Health, Liberia has reported a new outbreak after transmission stopped in September 2015 Recurrence of Ebola Virus disease: Liberia

This updates the news item of 6 July 2015

As of 19 November 2015, the Ministry of Health, Liberia reported a new outbreak of Ebola Virus disease (EVD) after transmission stopped in September 2015. Three confirmed cases have been reported from one family and are being treated in an Ebola treatment unit in Monrovia; 150 contacts are being monitored [1-3].

Global situation

As of 18 November 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a total of 28,598 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of EVD, including 11,299 deaths [4 - 5]. This includes 908 health care workers (HCW) of whom 521 have died [5]. Ten countries have reported EVD cases associated with this outbreak (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Spain, the UK, the United States and Italy). The vast majority of cases have been reported from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone [4].

Control measures are in place in affected countries to prevent further spread and exportation of cases. However the risk of spread remains as long as transmission continues, there is frequent cross-border movement of people and insufficient EVD surveillance at some border crossings occurs [4, 5].

Advice for travellers

To date, three EVD cases associated with this outbreak have received care in the UK; two were medically evacuated for clinical care after diagnosis in Sierra Leone and one imported case in a healthcare worker (HCW) who had recently returned from Sierra Leone [6]. Overall, the risk of EVD being imported into the UK is negligible. The risk of transmission occurring within the community in the UK is, and is expected to remain, negligible due to the range of robust measures that have been put in place. There is a diminishing likelihood that further cases will occur in the UK [6].

All travellers are advised to check FCO updates on a regular basis for more information on travel restrictions, safety, security and border measures in affected countries in West Africa:


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