Bat Lyssavirus (Bat Rabies) confirmed in a cat in Italy

10 Jul 2020

A cat in Tuscany has been diagnosed with rabies caused by a bat virus Read more

Rabies detected in a puppy imported to France

21 Feb 2020

The dog located in Île de Ré developed symptoms on 1 February Read more

Worldwide rabies risk reminder

17 Dec 2019

A reminder for travellers of the global risk of rabies Read more

Rabies case in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

19 Jul 2019

A case of human rabies as been reported following exposure to a bat on Vancouver Island Read more

Philippines: falsified rabies vaccines and rabies immunoglobulin- update

18 Jul 2019

World Health Organization issue a second alert about circulating falsified rabies vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin in the Philippines Read more

Philippines: falsified rabies vaccines

09 Jul 2019

Second alert regarding falsified rabies vaccine in Philippines during 2019 Read more

Rabies leaflet for travellers

03 Jul 2019

Public Health England has published a Rabies information leaflet for travellers Read more

Rabies vaccine availability

27 Jun 2019

Information for health professionals Read more

Update to rabies risk for Estonia

01 May 2019

NaTHNaC has reviewed and updated the rabies recommendations for Estonia Read more

Rabies vaccine availability

24 Sep 2018

Information for health professionals Read more

Rabies Green Book updated chapter

10 Jul 2018

The rabies chapter in the Green Book (Immunisation against infectious disease) has been published Read more

Imported canine rabies: France

27 May 2015

A report of a confirmed case of rabies in a domestic dog, Le Chambon Feugerolles, Loire, Rhône-Alpes, France
Read more



25 Mar 2019

Rabies occurs in warm-blooded mammals and is transmitted to humans, most often by a bite or scratch from an infected animal, usually a dogRead more


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